Advocacy Lab

My core research area focuses on the work that international development NGOs do in Canada. This under-researched aspect of NGO work includes political advocacy and government relations in Canada, public education and engagement work in Canada, fundraising and communications.

Working in collaboration with Canadian NGOs, this project examines the changing global and domestic context for international development NGOs in Canada, NGO strategies to adapt to the changing context, and the impacts of NGO strategies on government and corporate policies and the engagement of Canadians with global issues.

The central research questions guiding this research are:

1) How are Canadian international development CSOs responding to the rapidly changing global and national context for their work?

2) What political, economic, cultural, legal and institutional factors shape and constrain the behaviour of Canadian CSOs and their capacity to respond to the changing context?

3) What impacts do the responses of Canadian CSOs to the changing context for their work have on their capacity to influence government policy and corporate practices in Canada, and the engagement of Canadians with pressing global issues?

New article: “How Canada’s new election law has silenced political debate

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